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Master of the Guard by Bruce T. Holmes


$5 pdf ebook

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This was my second novel. I got it 95% finished, and then it sat in the computer for 20 years. When I went back and reread it recently, I rather liked it. So I took a month off from everything else and finished it. I haven't yet figured out a cost effective way to get it printed, so for now it exists as a pdf. If you've got some sort of e-reader or enjoy sitting at your computer for hours on end, you too could be enjoying the masterpiece.

The Story:

As he graduates from school, Dave Fletcher finds himself selected for the Service, the elite rulers of humankind. He endures the four grueling years of training on Everest, and then commits himself to the total obedience demanded by the Service. He now walks among his fellow citizens as a god. Yet there is a price to be paid. Sometimes you are asked to do the unthinkable. And sometimes it costs you a piece of your soul. This is a story about consequences, compromise and standing up for what’s right when it will cost you everything.